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Darrin holding goat

My Journey to Well Being


One day I thought to myself, “I am tired of feeling like this”.  I felt old and tired but I wasn’t old and I shouldn’t have been tired!  I talked to my doctor about what was going on with my body,  he told me about a book called “Wheat Belly”.  I stopped eating wheat products almost immediately and the results was my arthritis symptoms disappeared .


Next I started juicing regularly and drinking Keifr, my acid reflex was gone. My gut went back to an alkaline environment. I saw for myself how much of a difference it makes to my body.  I knew I had to change my eating habits for good.  So, I started to grow my own food.  I created gardens and began to acquire small animals, and not too long after, I found myself with larger animals. I then realized that the food I produced tasted so much better than what I could buy, there was no looking back.

Now I reside on a homestead with over 25 acres. What we have learned over the last 8 or more years we learned the hard way.  We learned from the internet, travelling to exhibitions, and talking to other farmers. Trial and error would accompany us  along the way, we made mistakes and lost some animals, but always tried to learn from our mistakes.  We have learned a great deal about chickens and turkeys, for one thing you cannot raise them together because of blackhead.  Blackhead is a parasite that “meat king chickens” carry, it stays in the ground for up to ten years.


We learned also about deer worm, a parasite that attacks the nervous system of goats and sheep, without treatment can cause death. Though this can be avoided with a field rotation.


My mission now, is to teach others so that they can contemplate the pros and cons of a life that may take more work but will reap more rewards. The biggest thing we learned was that you cannot do it all yourself and this is where a community comes in.

I have been living off grid for over 5 years now and in the winter the days are very short. With less sun  we found that we had to choose propane for our cooking and hot water.  We do not use a dryer for our clothes, seeing that anything that takes an element uses up too much power.

Traditional ways of living are being lost, as each generation passes a little more knowledge about self-sufficiency passes away with them. It is up to the older generations to pass along the skills and knowledge to the younger generations to come, for people to return to a more traditional self sustaining ways of life. The world can be  restored and renewed before it is too late.

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